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What is 3d-printing?

3d-printing is the technology that enables us to quickly produce a physical (three-dimensional) model directly from a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) system. The physical model is produced, without the use of tools, by adding material layer-by-layer in a fully automated process.

Why 3d-printing?

Speed: 3d-printing can reduce the production time of a prototype part from weeks down to few hours.
Cost: Low cost of materials used in this technology results in significant reduction of the total cost of a prototype part compared to traditional methods of manufacturing.
Versatility: Different materials can be used to fulfill the requirements of a wide range of applications
Color: Parts can be either monochrome or full 24-bit multi-colored based on the demand of the customer.
Materials: Customers can select between ABS-plus thermoplastic or high performance composite (plaster-based powder) based on their requirements.

  •  Conceptual Design
  •  Architecture
  •  Packaging
  •  Medical
  •  Investment Casting patterns
  •  Sand casting patterns
  •  Finite Elements Analysis (FEA)
  •  Marketing purposes